Security Center

 Are you alternating between disparate security systems to keep track of what’s happening in your organization? A better approach exists. Security Center unifies your entire security system in one operator interface so you can achieve a comprehensive view of the situation. It also replaces hard-to-navigate event and device lists with an intuitive map-based interface. You can immediately locate cameras, doors and other devices near incidents so you can choose the best course of action. 

The monitoring task lets operators monitor every aspect of their security environment, including live camera feeds, access control and ALPR events, incoming calls and more.
Whether you have a fully-unified system, or are starting with a single core module, Security Center offers a full-featured toolkit to users.
Live dashboards provide users with customizable view of the information they need to track the broader picture.
Reports offer comprehensive visualization options, helping you dig down into individual results or gain insights into trends and aggregate data
Security Center makes it easy to find what you are looking for, with tools to quickly search video footage, access control data and events.

Security Center 5.9

Introduced in Security Center 5.8, dashboards let you track key indicators from across your system in a tailored layout.

Since then, the selection of specialized widgets has been growing. Occupancy and flow widgets for KiwiVision People Counter and system health tracking were introduced in version 5.8.1.

Version 5.9 includes two new widgets that display the count or list of active alarms and events. They can even be added to your dashboards to provide more data at a glance.

Our video surveillance system, now uses the EdDSA digital signature scheme. This provides stronger protection against tampering and fraud.

Video watermarking can also be enforced on all live feeds and footage exported from Security Center. With the username, host name, and camera name overlaid, all footage can be traced back to its origin. This creates a strong deterrent against unauthorized external video sharing. 

 The Media Gateway role now has complete IPv6 support, increasing the security of your system. 

Time is of the essence when reacting to intrusion alarms. Security Center 5.9 speeds up your reaction to potential risks and helps you keep on top of intrusion threats.

Cameras are now mapped directly to individual intrusion inputs, instead of intrusion zones. When an alarm is triggered by an input, the associated camera is automatically displayed to operators so they can assess the situation faster.  And, with the new intrusion overview pane, you can keep an eye on the status of your intrusion system from any task.

Sipelia Overview

Manage System Upgrades Efficiently

Not all systems can be updated in lockstep with new releases. But staying up to date is a critical part of a strong cyber-security strategy.

The Long-Term Support (LTS) release track provides a new option for organizations that want to keep their system secure between long upgrade cycles.

The LTS track offers new releases with limited scope. Each patch includes fixes for software defects and critical vulnerabilities. This ensures your system is safe until you’re ready to upgrade to a newer version. Want to take advantage of the latest capabilities and performance enhancements? The existing Continuous Delivery track remains the primary release track for Security Center.

Keep Your Access Control Devices Healthy & Updated

Keeping track of new firmware for edge devices is time-consuming. With 5.9, system reports now tell you if you are using the latest firmware available for your access control interfaces and controllers.

New firmware containing security vulnerability fixes are also highlighted, helping you prioritize updates. The status of controllers and interfaces is also tracked in the access control health report.

To make it easier to validate that the door is both locked and secured, a new “door secured” event is now available. It is displayed in both the door widget and events pane.

Get Your Message Across With Sipelia Public Address

Version 2.9 of Sipelia, our unified communications management module, is available today. It introduces the ability to group SIP devices into paging groups that can be called in a single click.

Operators can send pre-recorded or live audio messages to all devices in the paging group, speeding up response and coordination.

And since Sipelia works with integrated intercom systems and SIP devices, you can broadcast messages to a wide range of devices, including intercoms, door stations and VOIP phones.