Monaco Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in 1971 as a small business specializing in the manufacture and installation of fire and security alarm systems. Their mission is to provide the United States Government with quality fire and security alarm systems, uniquely designed to meet unique and evolving specifications.

Authorized Mircom Engineered Systems Distributor

Mircom’s fire panels can fit any size project from retail stores to hotels to high-rise voice evacuation, which makes them the right choice. Need to monitor your fire panels and alerts from your desktop or mobile app? We have that too!  

Today, Mircom stands as one of the fastest growing companies in the building solutions sector and the largest independent fire alarm manufacturer and distributor in North America. Our product line spans Fire Detection & Alarm, Communications & Security, Mass Notification, Building Automation and Smart Technologies. Our brands include Mircom, Secutron™, and U.E.C.™ United Export Corporation. 

Layered Solutions, Inc.

Potter is pleased to announce a new integration partnership with Layered Solutions Inc. of Carmel, IN, an industry leader in the development of mass notification and communications software solutions. With Layered Solution’s technology, the capabilities of Potter’s IP enabled fire alarm systems can be significantly expanded. Layered Solutions will utilize a LAN/WAN connection with the Potter fire alarm panel, enabling its software to add the ability to display interactive maps.

Visual Campus

Workplace & School Visual Campus Solutions

Visual Campus is a security hub that displays visual alerts to abnormal activity, pulling data from a variety of emergency and communications technologies, including:

  • Fire alarms
  • Access controls
  • Audio PA/intercom
  • Security cameras
  • Shooter detection system
  • Two-way radio
  • LCD panels and digital signage
  • LED signage
  • Visual PA
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Missing child/person alert
  • Door and card access
  • Phone systems
  • Wireless panic buttons
  • PC alerts
  • Email, SMS, pagers
  • Browsers
  • Mobile app

Fire Alarm Services

Fire alarm systems are designed to save lives. They can be as simple as a sprinkler monitoring system or very sophisticated.

The range of capabilities to automatically detect fires, control exhaust fans, notify the fire department, unlock doors, release fire suppression and a whole myriad of other functions are endless.

Our fire alarm team can design, install, program, test and repair many fire alarm systems. We can even monitor your fire alarm system, giving you the utmost control over your system. Give us a call to see how we can help in any of your fire alarm system needs.