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115th Air National Guard Fighter Wing

Building B522

Joint Task Force Fort Charleston Military Base

Wireless Access Upgrade

Leading Edge Security Project

250 stores in SIX MONTHS!!

Target Corporation New Stores and Remodels

Location, Location, Location

From the Midwest to the California coast and everywhere in between, Target stores are at the center of how we strive to serve our clients. 

And, that’s why we’re continuing to service Target’s New Stores and Remodels in neighborhoods near you and across the country.

Southern California Sub-Regional Water Reclamation Plants

The VVWRA Subregional Plants Project includes two individual 1 MGD scalping water reclamation plants. They treat a portion of the local wastewater, while all solids and the balance of the wastewater continues to the main treatment plant in Victorville. This scalping design provides needed reclaimed water to local agencies as well as reduce the impact of the wastewater flows on the existing pipeline system. The two facilities include odor control filters, storm water pump stations, reclaimed water pump stations, influent fine screens, two aeration basins, inline UV disinfection, Anaergia MBR including permeate and backwash pumping, RAS and WAS pumping station, percolation ponds, distribution piping, paving and elaborate site fencing.